Our Story

This story starts with our name. Taverrite is the perfect brand name for a product that’s been perfected by generations of our family. We put our name on the package because we are committed and proud to offer the best product to your family from ours. Our products show the level of tradition, authenticity, quality and commitment we put into every bite of Taverrite’s branded products.

The short story below is how we started the Taverrite’s brand of products with a simple Calabrese-style Italian sausage recipe handed down from my grandfather. After we got the brand started with sausage, it became clear that offering a full line of Italian products, meals like we grew up with, had to be our next step. When purchasing any Taverrite’s branded product, be assured it’s made using the highest quality ingredients and reflects the same traditions and authenticity that we grew up with.

The Story

Over 70 years ago in a small town in upstate New York, my grandfather, Dominic, and his two brothers, Tony and Joe, opened a small butcher shop and grocery store. Everyone in the area knew of the Brighton Food Market and the family that owned it. The fun they had when they worked together, the special way they treated their customers, and the pride they took in their work were all in the Old World style.

Their Calabrese style Italian sausage was the best in town and soon became very well known. Even other Italians who had their own “secret recipes” came to the Brighton Food Market for the sausage! Taverrite’s sausage was simply the best!

They used quality ingredients, lean cuts of pork and fresh spices. Once the recipe was perfected to their liking, they never changed it. Customers counted on it to be the same every time, and it was.

Skip ahead a few decades… From my grandfather and great uncles, the family recipe and the traditions of making the sausage continued with my father. He would mix the flavorful spices and grind the pork just the way it had been done by his father – when I showed interest in making the sausage with him, he shared the recipe and tradition with me.

After years of rave reviews from friends who tried it, I decided to take it to market and make it available to sausage lovers everywhere. I still make it the same way my grandfather did — using quality spices, lean whole cuts of pork, and fresh spices.

I hope you enjoy our family tradition.