Breakfast italian pork sausage


Please welcome our newest member to the family of Taverrite’s Make It Italian sausage products: our Savory Italian Breakfast links. You’re going to love starting your day with our savory breakfast links.

They’re better than anything you ever had.

As with all our pork sausage product we only use whole cuts of pork shoulder (picnic cut to be exact) when making our sausage. We let Mother Nature create the perfect amount of protein to fat ratio. Some brands add cheaper ‘trimmings’ to the mix to lower cost and add fat, not us.

The flavor profile on these savory breakfast links is so unique that we think they’re the best available product for breakfast. Because it’s breakfast we made these with a slight amount of sugar, but each link only contains 1 gram. Each bite starts with the beautiful pork flavor followed by several delicate herbs and spices with a light sweetness in the background throughout the bite.

This product is currently only available as Antibiotic free and is set to be distributed in late summer 2016 with limited release. It is scheduled to first be release throughout all the Raley’s, Nob Hill and Bel Air locations in Northern California. Keep checking the web site for new location as to where you can find this product.

Taverrite’s Make It Italian savory breakfast links are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and nut free. There is NO MSG, NO nitrates, NO nitrites and NO sodium lactate in this or any of our sausage products. Compare our ingredient list to any other cooked sausage product and you’ll see that we have the “cleanest” label of the bunch.

We hope you enjoy our NEW Savory Italian Breakfast links.