Sausage & Pineapple Pizza

Sausage & Pineapple Pizza

Making your own Pizza could be the original signature Italian dish. Most people are intimidated by the process of making your own dough. The secret is, a lot of retailers now have finished pizza dough in their refrigerated section. Then only thing to remember is make sure the dough is at room temperature before you start to roll it out. The fun part is shape doesn’t matter:). Sure round is the traditional shape, but if you can’t get it completely round then go with what you can do. The other part of the equation is that you’ll need to purchase a pizza stone and a wood pizza paddle. Most kitchen supply stores will carry those items.

  • Buy your pizza dough or follow your favorite on-line pizza dough recipe.
  • Using your “Expert” style, roll, spread or toss into your self-created shape. (If you decide to purchase your pizza dough and are going for a thin crust, cut the dough portion in half)
  • After you spread the pizza dough into the shape of choice, sprinkle a little polenta corn meal on the paddle. I use Pheasant brand. They act like little “wheels” to roll the pizza dough off the paddle and on the pizza stone when you’re ready to cook.
  • The fun part starts here. Spread your pizza sauce on top of the well designed and constructed pizza dough. Add the traditional mozzarella or any favorite cheese.
  • Cut the mild or hot Taverrite’s sausage into rings. They are pre-cooked so there is no need to heat them up before topping the pizza.
  • If you want to try something fresh and different add fresh cut pineapple alongside the sausage.
  • The only tricky part is getting the pizza off the wood pizza paddle. No fear….we can help with that also. All you need is a little courage, then gently shake the paddle as you slightly tilt the paddle so the pizza “rolls” off the paddle and on to the pizza stone in the oven.
  • Things to know: put the pizza stone in a cold oven then heat the oven to it’s highest temperature. 550 degrees is where I set my oven.
  • After about 4-5 minutes open the oven and turn the pizza a quarter turn. Allow to cook for another 3-4 minutes until it’s ready to come out.
  • When removing the pizza you can either use the wood pizza paddle or a flat cookie sheet.
  • Good luck and Enjoy!

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