Every day we get customers asking us about the cute little boy on the front of our packaging and how he fits in to our Taverrite’s Old World Italian Sausage story. Well, Grandpa Dominic would be proud to tell you that this handsome young man is his son, Francis (a.k.a. “Frankie”). He’s also my father and the person responsible for carrying on our family tradition.

From an early age, my father was steeped in the Taverrite tradition of making quality Calabrese sausage. As a very young boy, he learned the importance of running a business with integrity and service, while providing the highest quality product, the same values that drive our company today.  He felt the best gauge of a company’s success was the measure of our customer satisfaction and the most important ingredient for success was his personal integrity; so he thought he had better get it right the first time. He never sacrificed quality for the sake of economy, a sure fire recipe for success that would serve him well in the years to come.

My father was “marinated,” so to speak, in these values, while working with his father and uncles at their small family-owned butcher shop and grocery store in upstate New York (see Our Story). Similarly, my siblings and I were taught to cherish and uphold these same tenets and work ethics. You might say putting my father’s picture on the front and using our last name as the brand, represents the confidence we have in our Taverrite tradition. Plus, it’s a really cute picture.

This picture is where we got the idea of using him as our “model”, so to speak. He’s just seven or eight years old here and this was his first Holy Communion picture. One day, I decided to have a little fun, so I Photoshopped in a package of our sausage instead. Turns out, everyone loved it and a star was born. Sometimes the silliest ideas are the best ones.